Monday, August 30, 2004

And now back to art...

Whew! The Olympics are over! Now I can finally tear myself away from the TV and get back to making art. I had been puttering here and there during the last two weeks, but nothing like I normally do.

On my agenda is to try some new paint techniques Penn told me about that she learned at a class at Artwerx. Last night I got playing with black paint and gesso and made an alpha background. I'm not sure what I am going to do with it, but I would like to try playing with the paints and make several pages of painted backgrounds to use in future collages.

On Saturday, Penn and I went to the Bellingham ATC swap. As always, we did some shopping for bits and pieces to add to our art supply collections. (Which I have decided is really turning into an excuse for me to hoard stuff.) We also got inspired just spending time with fellow artists at the exchange. My latest set of ATCs is titled "Bad Seed" and is based on twisting words and phrases just enough so they are mean. As in "It's always funny when somebody loses an eye." instead of "It's always funny till somebody loses an eye." This was met with great amusement and I have plans for the next ATC in the series. *evil grin*

I have several projects on the go over at Nervousness. It's nice that the site is so active-lots of project to choose from. Okay off to get my hands covered in paint! Ta!

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