Saturday, August 07, 2004


Hello everyone! I have been busy the last few days working on a project for Nervousness. (If you have no idea what that is, check it out!) I finally bit the bullet and became a member, thanks to my friend Penn. She invited me to participate on one of her collabrative books and now I am hopelessly addicted. We (Penn and I) are currently working on a new project. It's another collabrative book, this time with a theme I wanted to explore-grief. Penn came up with a great title- "Do Not Go Gentle" based on a poem by Dylan Thomas, which we are using as a jumping off point. I have my first set of pages done and have ideas for a few more in the works. I can't wait to see what everyone does.

I am also in the middle of another collabrative book project with the ever enchanting Tracy Roos. She is hosting the monster of all book projects-this one required a whopping 70 pages per artist! This will be one thick book by them time it's assembled and every page will have an embellishment. Very exciting! I will have to post some pics here when it arrives. It will be like Christmas!

My quilting sits forgotten in the corner and calls my name each time I pass by. I am largely ignoring it till the fall when it will be cooler and I might be able to think about sitting under it as I work. In the meantime, I am plenty happy puttering and fiddling with paper and paint and trying out techniques from Claudine Hellmuth's Collage Discovery Workshop book. I even picked up some bee's wax to try, but I have to figure out what I am going to melt it in first.


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