Saturday, August 21, 2004


Lately I have been taking a bit of a break from being the art machine that I am. This is due to the Olympics consuming most of my waking hours. I figure they are only on every 2 years (Between winter and summer Olympics) so I need to watch while the watchin' is good. Go Canada! *grin*

I have managed to work on pages for the "Do Not Go Gentle" collabrative book project I am doing on Nervousness. I am really excited to see what everyone does. I also am waiting for the arrival of a chunky book I participated in organized by the amazing Tracy Roos, who tells me will be in my hot little hands mid-September. It's called "Sky's the Limit" and has 69 artists in it. I can only imagine how think this baby is going to be! Everyone used images from Tracy's collage sheets.

Other than that, I am planning a trip next weekend to Bellingham for the monthly ATC swap with my friend Penn. I am looking foreward to seeing everyone, especially Gretchen, who is a phoniminal artist and is just *so* kind and pleasant to be around. It is just so wonderful to have friends in real life who love the same art things that I do. It inspires me to play hard and get really good at what I do and to learn more, which in turn just feeds my spirit and makes me enormously happy.

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