Tuesday, September 07, 2004


So Saturday of the long weekend was spent with my friend Penn. I decided to head down to Ruby Dog's Art House (Leanne's store) for some Altered art supplies and called to see if she wanted to come. It turned into an all day art shopping excursion which was really fun.

We ended up looking at an altered alphabet book at Leanne's store and next thing I know, we are buying ABC stencils and planning to do ABC books together. We are just at the beginning stages, but I will be starting on mine this week. I will have to post some pics as pages get made. I haven't done an AB for about a year and a half now-I was doing them alot in the beginning of my foray into altered art, but quickly burned out when I would put alot of time and effort into pages for others and then get half-hearted, non-creative ones back. In this case however, I know Penn has the same philosophy about art that I do, so I know what kind of art to expect and it will be amazing. I realize that sounds outright art snobbish, but I freely admit that to a degree I am. I got this way after having people slap a picture from a magazine down on a page with a glue stick and consider it 1. art and 2. finished. I DON'T THINK SO! So if that makes me an art snob, so be it!

I have also been working hard on my pages for the collaborative book Penn and I are hosting. "Do Not Go Gentle" is going to be a beautiful book. One copy is going to be donated to our local Hospice, which makes me very happy. I am sure it will be well appreciated there. I am also awaiting the return of a finished copy of Tracy Roo's "Sky's the Limit" chunky book swap. It should be coming my way any day now. There are 67 artists in it so it will indeed be chunky and delicious! Speaking of Tracy Roos, if you have the newest issue of Somerset Studio magazine, she has a 6 page spread in it on her altered playing card deck! Way to go Tracy!!

For any of you that are interested, September 9th, 2004 is the World Day of Prayer. Given all the ugly stuff going on in the world, it's a good opportunity to send up a few heartfelt thoughts for peace, harmony, healing and humanity if you are thus inclined. September 11th is also a good day to pause and remember all the lives lost and all those affected by the tragic events of that day. I will be thinking of my friends in NYC who lost their son Ken in WTC1.

Anyway, that's all my news for now. Happy arting!

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