Sunday, September 12, 2004

What's New?

I just did some small updates to my website for those of you who visit often. You will find new art in Gallery 1. I added the art samples I recently made for Paper Artsy . (A brand new rubber stamp company in the UK.) The line I made art for is called Ink & the Dog. They have some really great grungy, altered book style unmounted rubber. What I like about this line is that there are alot of plates with sewing notions incorporated into the images. Being a quilter, that really appeals to me. There are also a few that have maple leaves on them, that could be used for those of us who might like to add something to our work that has a Canadian feel to it.

The other update was to add my dear friend Annemarie to my Friends page. She has just launched her pattern company "Ladybug Quilts" with her first quilting/stitchery pattern. Check that page for a link to her wonderful Canadian themed quilt. It's a must have!

I spent the morning out shooting pictures with my digi cam, some of which I will upload here tomorrow. Time to get off the computer and rest my eyes! Thanks to everyone who has emailed in the last little while to say such kind things about my art or to ask questions. Email is always welcome!

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