Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Book of Naughty

In the eternal quest to keep myself occupied, I have just started a new collaborative book project called "The Book of Naughty". The idea came to me while I was sleeping and I actually got up to write it down. I have invited several artist friends and am hoping to assemble a group of 12 to work on it. The idea is to have a book about all the slightly childlike naughty things people so, with a vintage flavour to it. I have posted some pics here of a couple of pages I have made for the book so the other artists can get an idea. Should be alot of fun!

In the meantime, today is my 14th anniversary, which is a bit bitter sweet. Of course I am thankful to be able to celebrate the love my dh and I share and proud to say we are still happy after 14 years. The sad part comes from today also belonging to my grandparents. We were married on their 45th anniversary and today would have been their 59th. This is the first anniversary we are celebrating without my gramps, so I can't help but be thinking of him today.

Anyway, I took an amazing transfers class and learned 6 different transfer methods. It was well worth the money. The only one I didn't like was the one with the stinky pen-it was some sort of chemical and it made my head spin-nothing like burning a few brain cells in the name of art. ROFL!

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