Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Creative bender

Today I am working on a small altered canvass purse for a swap and munching on chocolate Nascars. I have till Dec. 15th to complete the project, but I decided I wanted to get it done early and off my plate. I am enjoying stamping on it with some of my new Da Vinci stamps. It's lookin' pretty good. I just realized that Somerset Studio had altered canvass purses in it's Nov./Dec. 2003 issue. Of course I had already altered mine before I realized this. Oh well-next time, I will know to look there for inspiration.

Celine of Green Frog Studio is hostessing 3 different chunky book swaps. I signed up for the "Once Upon a Time" book, which isn't due till March. I figured with running my own Book of Naughty, I has better do one that has a later date then mine so I don't get behind on anything. I like the idea of having a collection of these small wonders to thumb through when the spirits strike me.

I also began keeping an art ideas journal in late August. Any time I have an idea that I can't get to right away, I jot it down in the journal so I can go back to it later. I am hoping this will help when the inevitable creative dry spell hits. I also have lots and lots of ideas and it's impossible to get to them all at once so this precludes me forgetting anything good. So far, I am liking this method of journaling. When I go back and reread what I have written I have an "oh yeah!" moment.

Okay, my break's up! Time to get back to work! Happy creating everyone!

**If any of you are looking for the Book of Naughty pages, they should be listed down the sidebar. Any problems finding them, just email me!

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