Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Purposeful art

Have I mentioned lately how wonderful is?!? I am so pleased my friend Penn told me about it. It's so much fun to have a constant stream of ideas and projects available to participate in. The newest project I signed up for is one that is sort of set up like "The Artist's Way'. There is a new book out by SARK called "Make Your Creative Dreams Real" and a group of us are going to spend a year working our way through it together. We will be checking in monthly by each writing a letter about the month's chapter and what we are doing. Everyone sends their letter to the project organizer and then she will copy the letters and send them out to each of us as a creativity newsletter. I think this is a brilliant idea and I am looking forward to working with the others. It will be a good way to measure our progress and support and encourage one another. I am psyched!

On Sunday Penn was over for an art party and we had a good time. She worked on her ATCs for our monthly swap and I fiddled with some bottle cap collages. I made several and have not yet decided what exactly I am going to do with them-whether they will become magnets or jewelry, but I liked the way they turned out. The trick though, was keeping an eye on them as they dried so they didn't end up with bubbles in the glaze. I had to keep looking at them every 1/2 hour and popping the bubbles that formed. There were 4 that ended up with this weird line through them and I am thinking about adding more glaze to see if I can eliminate it. If not, live and learn!

It's so nice hearing from those of you who have stopped by my website and emailed to say hello! I just love how small the world has become thanks to the wonders of modern technology. For me, the best part is the community of artists I have connected with. It ROCKS!

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