Monday, November 22, 2004

Weekend Review

My fingers continue to heal. I am still swathed in bandages but am hoping maybe by tomorrow I can take a peek and see if they can come off. It's near impossible to do art with them on, which is driving me nuts.

Yesterday I was spoiled absolutely rotten. My friend Penn gave me a big bag of goodies, including a cardboard cigar box, a hardcover copy of Nick Bantock's Artful Dodger and another hardcover book on tools to alter. Sandy, another friend gifted me with some small plastic floss boxes to store art supplies in and a wooden cigar box complete with cool clasp and hinges from Nicaragua. (I think it's cedar.) I am looking foreword to altering both boxes.

Penn and I had also talked about a small blank spiral book for putting paper samples in. When I made art for Jan's book, I needed to know what companies had made the papers I used. Many of them I didn't have info on and so I had to go down to the scrapbooking stores to see if I could spot them again and find out. I decided if I cut a small piece from each different sheet I buy and put it in a book with the info, it would make things loads easier. That way, if I ran out and wanted more, I would have a record of where I bought it and the name of the company it came from if the store needed to order more for me. Anyway, Penn very kindly made me that spiral book so now I can work on cataloguing my papers. YAY! I like to be somewhat organized.

Our ATC group met yesterday to swap and it was the biggest gathering we have had in a long time. I think there were about 20 people there. Cards were flying back and forth and we practically took over the coffee shop where we meet. We also had lots of show and tell going on and several altered books changed hands. There were some new art projects discussed. It's turning into a real art event each month. I took Sandy with me to check out the group and see what ATC swapping was all about. I think she had a good time and she commented later how friendly everyone was. It really is a nice group of people. Now I have to get some cards made for Bellingham's swap this week. I won't be going to December's swaps-too busy a month for me.

Okay, time for me to get moving. I need to tidy up my workspace today-it's a disaster! Laters!

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