Thursday, December 30, 2004

Cloth, Paper, Scissors

My friend Tracy Roos has a new article on Faux Tintype Photos published in the latest edition of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. To read more about it, click here. It is so great to see my art friends finding success. I think it's so important to build a community of art friends who will support you and celebrate your successes. So Tracy, congrats on your article! I can't wait to read it!

For those of you who have yet to see an issue of this magazine, get thee to a retailer! It's a fantastic new mag that launched in October featuring mixed media techniques. While Somerset Studios is geared to showing "eye candy", CPS actually focusses more on techniques. There are lots of pictures and great instruction. This is a good publication for those of us who have been doing altered art for awhile and want to learn something new. The instructions, however are easy enough to follow so that someone who was fairly new to altered art could also pick it up and find it helpful.

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