Monday, December 27, 2004

The Post Xmas Report

Well, I survived the insanity of the holidays! I have been working on putting the house to rights this morning. Our tree is down, the decorations put away-just vacuuming left to do!

So my gifts included the elusive tip for my soldering iron so I can now try making microscope slide jewelry. I also got 2 Making Memories books on sewing and paint. There are alot of cool ideas in them. I have 2 new rubber stamps added to my collection, a pair of Fiskers snips and a mitre box so I can make assemblages. YAY! (Nothing like getting a pile of tools for Xmas, eh?)

Anyway, I am hoping to have time this week to work on getting my classes ready. I also want to get my pages for the Naughty Book I am hostessing done. Looking forward to getting back into art making after not doing it for over a week. WITHDRAWALS!

One more day of playing hooky though today. We are going to the movies this afternoon to see "National Treasure" which I have wanted to see for awhile now. More art and pics to come soon!

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