Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Goodness of My Day

I just got an email saying that I will be receiving more rubber stamps in the mail FREE! There is a company that was looking for word suggestions to turn into rubber ages ago and they are sending me all the words I suggested that they used. It's quite a list so I will have lots to play with!

In other news, I watched the Vicki Gabereau Show and my altered books made it onto TV. They showed a cover of one and a couple pages of another. I saw some of my other books on the desk as well. There was no mention of who the artists were, but hey, good enough for me!

I also was on the receiving end of kind words from a friend regarding Jan's book. She is not an artist (to my knowledge) but really seemed to enjoy paging the book and asked all kinds of questions about the medium. It's great to see the effect a good book can have on someone who is not familiar with the art.

The highlight of last night was a well timed phone call from none other than Tracy Roos. It was so good talking with her. She is as sweet and kind as can be and I just really feel blessed to call her my friend. It was like we've known each other forever-kindred spirits. *waving to Tracy*

My brain is piling up with ideas for projects I want to do just as soon as I have a spare moment. I really want to make myself a charm bracelet. Tracy sent me the coolest charm in the mail. If you haven't seen her charms, you are missing out! Go look! I am thinking it would be fun to add charms bits from all my friends. My friend Penn gave me some cool charms I have been hoarding and they would be perfect for this project. The idea of having a bracelet with only charms that had special meaning to me is so appealing.

I just need a 48 hour day!!
So much art, so little time.....

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