Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gifty 3

So at the end of January, I joined this swap called Gifty. Leslie matches bloggers together and you send your partner a parcel with gifts of about no more than $10. I mailed mine out to my partner and then aside from wiating anxiously to see if she posted that she got it (it's still in transit somewhere on it's way to Australia) I forgot all about the fact that I would also be receiving something.

This parcel arrived today from Australia! In it was some handmade cards my partner Leslie (not Gifty Leslie, but Oobie Leslie) made, a beautiful leather pouch in which to keep my special pens (also made by Leslie! The leather smells so good!) some cool pencils, some teeny clothespegs, and in the white cotton pouch some glass wire wrapped hearts, some paper scraps for collage and these beautiful shells. The shells are just fascinating. See how one makes a spiral? See the wonderful strips on the conical ones? And the little white ones are remarkable-look at the star shapes on them! They are like teeny masterpieces and I just love them! I need to figure out how I can add them to a piece of jewellery so I can enjoy them forever.

Interestingly, Leslie used to live right here in Vancouver! Maybe that's why Gifty Leslie matched us up. Leslie has recently moved toAustralia and launched a new business-Oobie, You have to go check out her blog and see the sweet things she makes.

Leslie, thank you for the thoughtful and beautiful gifts. You really made my day. I hope when your parcel arrives you find it equally delightful. Thank you for blessing me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

*Tomorrow's post: The heart ornies that also came in the mail today from the Art Erratica Valentine's Danglies Swap. Don't miss it!! Get your eyecandy fix!!

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