Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Magical Mailbox

I have decided that my mailbox is a magical one. Just about every week there is some form of art and friendship in it. Yesterday I got TWO parcel pick up notices so I went down to the PO this morning to see what had come.

One box had my sweet friend Tracy Roos' return address on it. Inside was an early birthday pressie for me. Tracy and I share a birthday, but it's not till next month. (The day after Spring!) She made me the prettiest pair of earrings. It's serendipidy-just yesterday I was thinking that it was kinda sad that I didn't own a single pair of handmade artsy earrings and presto! here they are!! I am *so* pleased and can't wait to wear them! She also made a beautiful ATC. It's gorgeous and is going on the shelf next to my computer so I can look at it all the time. Thank you dear Tracy for thinking of me and making special gifts for me. xo

See the yellow critter? Last year I sent Tracy's daughter Kimber a whole box full of sewing notions and fabric because...well I have a son and he's not into sewing (god forbid!) but Kimber had just received a new sewing machine and was learning to sew and making monster dolls. Being a quilter, I knew I had more fabric than I would ever use so I bundled a bunch up and sent it to her. (I also know how much fun it is to get a surprise in the mail.) Anyway the little yellow critter is the work of Miss Kimber and I love it. Kid art is fantastic and fun and I am thrilled to have this cool gift from her. It will keep Cynjon's green eyed monster company here at casa del chaos. I love the look on her face-she looks totally surprised-kinda how I looked when I opened the box and saw her! THANKS KIMBER-YOU ROCK!

And what was in box #2? It was Stacie Rife's calendar for the RR we are doing on MMCA. It's HUGE! I was so surprised it really was as big as the box it arrived in. It's also phoenominal. I am only peson #2 to work in it and I am floored with the work already in it. The bar has been set high let me tell you!

Ahh mail love-'tis bliss!


Deb said...

You really have been the receiver of goodies in the mail these last few weeks!

I think that says something about you...

Do we all love our TUNA, or what?

Happy play day!


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

I think it means:
-I am spoiled absolutely rotten!
-I have the kindest, most generous friends in the world!
-I am blessed far beyond anything I can comprehend.


primdollie said...

Oh How fun!!! I want to get a magical mailbox too!!! and how nice, the earrings are beautiful!!! I have a similar red/pink flower just like those that I made for myself!! how fun!!! enjoy and can't wait to see Stacie's calendar and yours too!!!
Hugs Linda

Anonymous said...

a magic mailbox indeed! so many goodies you have been receiving, what a joy!

Anonymous said...

oh! I'm so glad you liked your goodies.
I have been wanting to send you something for ages.
you're so special and giving. love you to bits. oxox