Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Road to Hell...

So you know that assemblage I made last week to send to my Gram for Mother's Day? Well she got it and she called me this evening. First she asked me when she had given me the photos that I used. I told her about 9 years ago. Then she chided me for forgetting to write one of her sister's names on the border of the photo. I told her she had written the names on it years and years ago and I had just colour copied it to use in the piece. She told me she didn't remember that and then said she was mad at herself for forgetting one of her sisters. Then she goes on to tell me that stuff inside the assemblage is all loosey goosie and floating around. She tells me she was shaking it so she could see all the stuff inside and this folks is where I almost lost it.

You see, apparently, assemblage art is completely lost on her. She wasn't sure why I had put things inside the shadow box. I guess she didn't get that it was symbolic of things related to her childhood and our family...and yet she loved it. The part that really got me though was the shaking. I mean I wrote FRAGILE in big huge letters on the parcel. I had carefully wrapped it so the glass wouldn't break. I glued each piece inside the shadow box with the utmost care so it would stay intact. What I didn't count on was my Gram thinking it was some sort of toy under glass that you rattling the living hell out of. Thinking about it makes me nearly pee with laughter. Here I thought "Oh I have made a really cool piece of art." and that it would be treated with a sense of reverence because it's personal and therefore special. Guess again! That's my Gram-shake it, break it and hang it on a wall! Some days it ain't easy being an artist!


Unknown said...

oh NO! I wouldn't most likely cried!

maggiegracecreates said...

I have just laughed til I cried. I always do gift artwork with meaning and I consider evey piece carefully.

My DH never gets it. So I always have to explain each piece to him. Our joke is that he will never get a gift piece from me.

I can just picture him doing something like that. SHAKE - SHAKE - SHAKE.

You just made my day.

tracy loves pink! said...

OH! that's so funny. I think it's only been family that has said..."I don't get it" to me.
miss you! oxox