Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This & That

Sombody help me! I have become obsessed with organizing all my little bits of art stuff. This mroning I spent hours sorting charms into baggies so they can be stored in some little boxes I bought when I was down in the US over the weekend.

Then I decided to strat sorting all my glass beads into colour families. Now I am looking around wondering what else I can sort. LOL! It's crazy!

This wonderful x-ray pendant came in the mail yesterday from my friend Debb Galcik. Debb makes these amazing books with copper etched covers , in addition to her really cool jewellery. You have to go check out her website. I am so thrilled to have one of her medical themed pendants for my very own-I love that she does medical stuff. I have a "thing" for that stuff!

I also received these buttons from Heather in the mail yesterday. The "L" button was made by her little girl Hannah. Hannah paints the background papers for the buttons and she gets money for her little piggy bank when one of the buttons sells. Of course I had to order one-I love kid art and I can imagine the smile on her sweet little face when she gets cold hard cash to put in her bank! The idea of that just puts a smile in my heart. I'm going to pin it to my messenger bag. If you want to order some of Hannah's Alpha Bitty Buttons for yourself, go here.

If you wanted to read more about Farrell's album debut, she has posted about it on her blog, along with far better photos than I managed to get.

Okay, I think that's it for now. It's almost lunch time and I need to stretch my legs!


Lauri said...

Boy do I need to organize like that! And I gotta check out the buttons!

navylane said...

i am so impressed by your organization!! wow!

p.s. i still have a package here to send out to you... i just keep forgetting to take it with me so i can drop it off at the post office when i head out the door. soon, i promise!

emhowl said...

I love all your sorted packages. Will it make you more, or less, prepared to use the goodies?

near Edinburgh

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Definately MORE likely to use it-I like to be able to find things quickly and easily and if I can see what I have, then it gets used. :)