Friday, May 05, 2006

Where I Am From

After seeing this post by Amy Powers of Inspire Co., I thought I'd do the "Where I'm From" poetry exercise/meme, using a poem written by George Ella Lyons called "Where I'm From," as a model. Enjoy! Farrell, this is for you!

Where I am From

I am from summers spent throwing stones
into the muddy Red River,
Just to hear them go ker-plunk.
I am from bicycles with banana seats and baskets
And shrill little bells that we rang just because.

I am from hours spent playing at the bear pit
Trying to master walking the high arched wall.
I am from peeling sunburns and mosquito bites,
from tether ball and hopscotch at recess.

I am from Shrine Circuses
and men with fezes riding tiny motorcycles.
I am from watching the Bombers wrapped in blankets
with a windchill factor of -20.

I am from perogies and kolbassa for breakfast,
From the Red River Ex, Folarama
and The Museum of Man and Nature.
I am from driving 3 hours to swim at Birds Hill
And paying 5 cents for Strawberry marshmallows.

I am from jellied salads and Pick-a-pop,
from the Golden Boy and speaking French,
From Uncle Bob and Marvin the mouse,
and "Beefs & Boquets" on the radio weekly.

I am from watching spring break up on the Assinaboine
from playing from sun up to sundown,
From trips to Dutch Maid and Bonnie Bell lip gloss,
from scraped knees and stealing crab apples of neighbourhood trees.

I am from growing up in daycare listening to Queen,
from seeing Star Wars when no one knew what it was yet,
from Holly Hobby and Little House on the Prairie
and making god's eyes from yarn and popsicle sticks.

I am from onion topped churches with funny crosses,
from riding busses and being cold to the bone.
I am from the ear shattering sound of winter silence
from disco, polyester turtlenecks and wool hair ties.

I am from lilacs and boulevards,
From knowing my neighbours and
considering them family.
I am from belonging to friends
I have known since kindergarten
and speaking a shorthand only we understand.

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R. Scott said...

Hi Faith,
I know I know you. I love the I am from writing you have done. We must be the same age because some things are similar.
Could you check out my web page and maybe if you like it link it to yours? I will link you to mine as well. I have a couple blogs too. I just started them and want them to be seen. Here they are.
Thanks if you link me
I have been crusing your blog for 15 min. I love your work.
Rhonda Scott