Friday, June 16, 2006

All Systems Go!

I just got back from a manicure and pedicure. A friend of mine works at Blanche McDonald and had invited a bunch of us girls to come and have treatements any time we wanted. I fianlly took her up on it. Someone said "Oh well it's a beauty school and I bet it won't be very good." Not true!! Both girls that worked on me really did an outstanding job. They were very meticulous and when it came time for polish, (which was RED by the way) they both did a far better job than I could have ever done! When you use red polish, there is really very little room for error. The best part of all was that all this pampering was free! I had a very relaxing time and Yota who is the instructor invited me to come back any time. You can bet I will! I now have sandle worthy feet for AFF. Gone are the tired feet of winter and my fingernails are all spiffy too. I rarely bother putting polish on my fingernails any more-working as an artist and having my hands in paint and gesso all the time, there really doesn't seem to be much point, but I am kinda liking the red. I think sometimes you have to indulge your inner princess!

In other news, it looks like my ISP finally got the monekys tamed and my email is back to normal. Thank goodness! It's highly irratating to be cut off from the news of my world-I hate being out of the loop!

Must run and pick up my son from his last day of school and stop by the library. I got them to order "Bead on a Wire" and it's come in. You can bet I will be thinking jewellery this afternoon!


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Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Boy you have me utterly jealous over your sandle worthy tootsies. My feet are just a mess. It probably doesn't help that I am barefoot a good portion of my life and I suffer from dry skin anyway and I rarely slather lotion on my poor, dry heels. Anyway, You have me tempted to sneak away and get a pedi before AFF.. even tho it isn't free! 5 more sleeps!