Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fun With Paint

So Sunday is the monthly ATC swap in Vancouver and I decided to get a jump on making my cards. I got playing around and came up with this idea for making background paper and so I now have the backgrounds all done and ready to go. I just need to decide what I am going to put on top. Have to think about it.

Remember the wooden tool tote I bought for 50c at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and then painted butter yellow? Well here it is with some of my papers, all nicely cut and organized in it. I have it sitting on my worktable where I can see it and I love the idea of having all the papers there, organized and at the ready for my projects. I know I am a visual person so in order for me to use my supplies, I have to see them. This whole organizing thing is getting rather addictive. Today I took all my collage sheets, slipped them into plastic sleeves and then put them in a 3-ring binder. I had dividers and I broke them up according to which artist I got them from. Yeah I know, it's sick, but somehow it's also satisfying to just be able to know where everything is.

At some point I have to tidy my stack of drawers. I know this because when I went to open one today, I nearly toppled the entire stack. The drawer stuck because it's crammed full. In reality, I need to buy at least two more sets and then I should have enough space for all the tidbits. Ikea here I come!

The packing for AFF (Only 6 more sleeps!!) continues. It's the hunting and gathering of my supplies that seems to take the longest. It's always hard to make art away from home because you have to try and figure out what you will need and try not to forget anything important. I really don't want to haul half the house with me either, so I keep reorganizing stuff and weeding out things I really don't think I will need. It's enough to make me loopy!

I had a lovely conversation with my pal Deb Trotter wherein we talked about a million things and I gave her my spin on political stuff and we laughed ourselves sick. There's nothing I love more than making people laugh.

Deb is off to a retreat to learn to draw while I am at AFF and we are both looking forward to hearing what the other one did when we get back. It's so great to have friends who "get" the whole art thing. It really is a blessing.


Anonymous said...

I like what you did with the box you got. It's a good place to store all the paper. What a good idea..Good buy..

serendipity said...

just luv the backgrounds for the ATCs, would luv 2 c what your did actually put on top of them.......if you're ever up for a 1 2 1 swap,,just give me a shout

joan in italy


Very nice cards. Wonderful colors!!


tiffini elektra x said...

Hi! Just lurking on your blog. Thought I would mention that I just love what you did with your papers! You are so right organizing is totally additive!!
Hope you have a blast at aff! And I hope Deb has a great time in Wisconsin! Can not wait to hear all about it.