Wednesday, June 07, 2006


A little birdie told me that Papier Valise has some "quirky and kooky products" that will soon be released. (I am dying to know what they are, aren't you?!?)

There is also going to be a brand spankin' new gallery filled with art made from many of the products. The nice thing about having a design gallery to look at is that if you have ever looked at something and thought "Hm..I wonder what I would do with that?" you will wonder no more-the Artists in Residence at Papier Valise will show you! *wink*

So how can you keep "in the know" about new products, new designs and all that good stuff? It's easy-Papier Valise has its very own Yahoo group. It's a low volume email list that will keep you up to date. Click here to join. It's free and I'm told membership will have its rewards!

I love sharing a good thing, so if you do too, then pass it on! Enjoy!

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Mary Stanley said...

Love that little birdie! I want one! Just got my Heather "buttons' that you told us about..and love them, too!