Friday, June 09, 2006

This N' That

Remember that wooden tool caddy I bought at a garage sale about a week ago for 50c? Well in the process of cleaning it up, I decided it just wasn't going to clean up to my satisfaction. What to do? Then I remembered I had three colours of vintage tone house paints under my sink that a friend gave to me. I decided to paint the caddy this old butter yellow. It's soft enough that I think it will lend itsself well to being somewhat papered over.

I saw the nicest box of papers on Anahata's blog. It was all little bits stored in what looks like a wooden box and that really appealed to me. I have tons of scrapbooking papers that I have bits and pieces of, so I spent all afternoon yesterday cutting them down to ATC size. I figure I work mostly small to medium, so that size isn't a problem and will fit nicely in the tool caddy. I would like to pick up some vintage wallpaper from Pam Garrison at Artfiberfest at the vendor's market if she has some. It would look so nice to have bits and pieces of the papers collaged onto the tool caddy. *fingers crossed that she has some!*

I also picked up a big carboard "L" in Bellingham a couple of weeks ago and I would like to do something with it. I still haven't decided what. I think I have to let that marinade in my brain a bit longer but I like the idea of having a few "L's" around.

In between coats of paint, I am purging some of my art "stuff" to take and donate to the Art Asylum at AFF. The one at AF was unreal-there was tons of stuff all over this huge room and you could just go in and pick through it all and take what you want. I love that because I don't believe in throwing stuff in the garbage. I like to pass it on to someone who can use it. I am filling a big gift bag full of stuff I am not using to take with me. Not only will someone use it, but it also means my workspace will be neater, which makes me happy.

Okay, time for another coat of paint!

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