Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Catching Up!

Hello Folks! Yes, I am still breathing. Slowly but surely, I am feeling better. Still feeling a bit tired, but on the mend.

Yesterday, I receieve a blog comment in my email. As most of you know, I moderate my comments and here's why: the comment was obviously from a bot of some sort. It was all about me being a loyal customer for some online drug company. I believe the bot glommed onto my blog because my last post had the word "cipro" in the title. It went on and on about its great online drug ordering, etc. etc. Completely annoying, but the beauty of moderating my comments is that it will never appear on my blog! YAY!! With a punch of a button, it is gone into the cavernous black hole of cyber space! The really dumb thing is that Canadians do not order drugs online and this stupid bot implied I was one of their best customers. ROFL! Yeah right!

Anyway, I know I have shared this photo before but I was going through images on my harddrive the other day and was reminded how much I like it, so here it is. It was taken about this time last summer in Vancouver just down the street from where I usually park when I go the the monthly ATC swap. Is the sky blue or what?!? That's pretty much how it has been the last few days here-hot and sunny.

Last week I got a lovely little packet from Sarah Fishburn. She sent me a collection of teeny little buttons with her artwork on them. I collect them (Don't ask why-I honestly don't know-I just love 'em!) and either put them on my messenger bag or stick them into the interior roof of my car. Thanks so much Sarah-they are wonderful!!

The Tatterededge Mercantile is humming along. I am pleased to have sold some journals and have also done some commission work. It's nice to know my journals are going to good homes! I am thinking about what I would like to add next.

I also wanted to share with you that the lovely and talented Lisa Call has started a blog. I have added it to my blog roll to the right, but here's a quick link so you can take a peek. I think the great thing about blogs is that they allow you to "have a visit" with friends every day. I love knowing what other artist pals are working on, what inspires them, what's happening in their lives. All hail the mighty blog!! LOL!

Okay, time for this girl to get to work for a bit. My son took the day off work today and I am sure once he's up he will have some sort of agenda that involves me driving him somewhere. Last week we went to the movies and he asked me last night if I wanted to go again. I think I see "The Omen" in my future. He and I love horror movies, my husband does not, so we have mother-son bonding time at the theatre.


liz said...

glad you're feeling better!!
talk soon
liz xx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're on the mend! I've been so out of touch with my online friends. I can't believe it's July. My baby turned 4 last weekend. We're having a small family party for him this weekend. Then the next weekend we're off to Dinotown up by Harrison Hotsprings for his big birthday gift. He's mad for dinos. I've not been able to do much art work lately so I've committed to at least do a couple of sketches a week. I'm so out of practice with it that I need the practice desperately. Sending you wishes for good health. Have a lovely day!