Monday, July 31, 2006

Dandy Candy!!

Oh boy am I in trouble now! A lovely parcel arrived this morning. It's my goodies from my Dandy Candy swap. Sandy who had my name treated me to copious amounts of Jelly Belly beans, which she put in this gorgeous vintage glass container. See the little faerie? Adorable!

In case you were wondering, my favourite flavours are:
1. buttered popcorn
2. cuppachino
3. pina colada

4. lemon lime

My least favourite flavour? Black licorice! Black jelly beans get tossed out the window when I am driving and the crows eat them off the highway. YUCK! My dear friend Lisa has already spoken for the offending ones. (Real friends eat the bad ones.)

Many thanks Sandy for such a great swap. I know I am going to love having it in my studio and who wouldn't be inspired nibbling on one of 50 flavours of jelly beans?!? Personally, I think jelly beans and creativity go together. (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!)

*nibble nibble*


dogfaeriex5 said...

well, sandy is the best!!!

One Crabapple said...

i LOVE the Buttered Popcorn too !!!

I am so glad you liked your candy dish.

It was hard to actually find a good candy dish ! I finally started to look at sugar bowls with lids instead but nothing was grabbing me ! That was one reason it took so long for me to get it to you. I wanted the Perfect Dish and it wouldn't surface. Now of course....candy dishes will be popping up all over the place in my life , watch ! You know how that goes!

The other reason of course I did confess to you - I ate the jelly beans myself and had to get more.

Did you make any guesses on the white mystery jelly bean with the sweepstakes contest on it ? I am guessing Apple Pie....but I only had one with a question mark ... I need more taste testing.

Thank you for a wonderful swap ! I loved the dish I got from Susan Tuttle! She got me an old fashioned white dish with a huge pink porcelain rose on top. Thatwas perfect for this Pink Phase i seem to be going thru. Or had you noticed ????

It was full of chewy star burst fruit chews and I wasted no time at all downing those and the packet of your FAVORITE (lauughing) BLACK LICORICE bites.

Thank you for organzing a fun and delicious swap!
Love, S.

Beth said...

cool swap,,and I hate black jelly beans too,,yuck!

Maija said...

Icky black jelly beans!!!