Friday, July 07, 2006


I have been rhuminating on a number of things in the last few days, written posts and then deleted them. Sometimes I have so much to say and then end up saying nothing because I don't even know where to begin..

I guess it starts with this thought that entered my head and that probably needs to come out in my art somehow. What popped into my head was "Sometimes the world weighed heavy on her heart." and that about says it all. I have three friends who are dealing with cancer in their families right now. One has lost her aunt and the other two are in the process of losing their fathers to it. If you know nothing else about me, it's that I have the softest of hearts and it pains me to see my friends hurting. I just feel the need to do something even though the only thing I can really do is be supportive and available. (Good ole crisis line training!)

So..that said, I think there are two things I can do to cheer myself up. One is to make a run to the movie theatre this weekend to see the new Pirates of the Carribean movie (luv me some Jack Sparrow! ARRR Matey!!) and the other is to share my "Super Model in the fan" photos.

There was this huge fan in the dining hall at AFF and these gorgeous super models just appeared out of nowhere and starting striking poses for their adoring fans. We were all laughing our heads off and snapping away. It's amazing what a lack of sleep combined with dash of heatstroke can do! You can't say artists don't know how to have fun when we are gathered together! *grin*

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liz said...

what fun!!
sorry you are feeling so sad right now--it's a hard tine when friends are hurting and we can't do much--but them just knowing you are there will be a HUGE help to them all. you are such a sweet and caring soul--and we love you for it.
liz xx