Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Dance!! Happy Dance!!

I am very happy to report that my friend DJ Pettitt has just created a blog! I couldn't be happier. DJ is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We've been exchanging emails for awhile and finally got to meet one another at AFF a couple of weeks ago. To know DJ is to love her-she is just such a kind and generous spirit and in a word, lovely. She is also a very gifted artist and teacher-I loved her Artfolio class and I am having a ball using what I learned.

So.. go on and have peek at her shiney new blog and leave a comment or two. I am sure you will enjoy hearing from her!


Unknown said...

ohh hmm that link is to her website and i can't seem to find the link to her blog.

Anonymous said...

I dont even know her... and she sent me a little gift when my Bailey died... such a thoughtful gestgure.. made me cry...
I have it displayed proudly in my studio!
I hope to meet her one day!

liz said...

just had a look--her work is AMAZING!! lucky you taking a class from her! am going to add her to my favorite blogs right now!
thanks for letting us know
liz xx