Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Home Again!

I am back from Seattle. We had a really good time. although it was exhausting. We managed to tour Woodland Park Zoo in its entirety, visit Pike Place market, shop at Archie McPhee's, have a surf & turf dinner at Red Lobster and spend an entire day at 6 Flags. WHEW! There was alot of walking involved and a good chunk of it was on steep hills so my calves were killing me when we were all done. I also managed to get a sunburn even slathered in sunscreen the entire time! I would share pictures of our trip with you, but I have tried umpteen oodle times to upload them and Blogger is just not co-operating.

I think my favourite part of the zoo was the Gorillas. They were so beautiful. I looked into their eyes and felt this deep sense of connectedness (is that really a word?!?) and recognition that I can't really explain adequitely with words. Their eyes are so old and wise. One old girl was sitting quietly in a corner, holding a handful of twigs like a talisman and she reminded me of a sage medicine woman. Another, a very large male was lying there taking a nap and I told my husband he looked just like him. (and I found it amusing that the only gorilla taking a nap was the big male. LOL! Not so different from the human species after all!) What really fascinated me was gorilla hands. Their fingers are huge and thick. I didn't know they were so large.

I also enjoyed the giraffes. There was one young fellow who could just barely reach the leaves he was nibbling off on one tree. Giraffes are adorable and I think I should like to pet one before I die. The bears were another favourite. They were the first animals we saw when we arrived and my husband was kind of worried about the little wire fence he saw. He couldn't figure out how that would keep the bear from eating us as we stood there, only a few feet away from the big animal. I lauged and told him what he couldn't see was the huge pit between the bears and us. The zoo has very clever landscaping so that the barriers that keep the animals in and the people out is almost never visable. After that he was able to relax and enjoy the experience. Woodland Park Zoo is wonderful!

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