Monday, August 21, 2006

Life Lists

I wanted to tell you about this new blog I have been reading.There's these Canadian guys, a group of friends, who are tootling around in a motorhome and each one has a life's to-do list of things they would like to accomplish or experience before they die. One day they decided to get up off their couches and try to cross some of those things off their lists. They have done things like make a toast at a stranger's wedding, lead a parade, open the evening new, etc. Some of their list is what most people would consider pretty lofty ideas and some of it is just everyday common type stuff. The point is, they are out there doing it!!

So it got me to thinking about my list, for I too keep such a list going, even if only in my head. Some of it I have been able to cross off-living in a foreign country, attending a performing arts based school, working on a crisis line, meeting friends in NYC, hearing the Dali Lama speak, having my art and poetry published, and so on, but there's alot more I would like to do.

Some of the things I still need to cross off are:

-See Mt. Everest from the foot.
-Visit Antarctica
-Explore Canada's far North
-Pet a giraffe (Just thought of this one the other day.)
-Sea kayak
-Go white water rafting
-Somehow get my husband up to the top of Grouse Mountain in the summer so we can have a romantic dinner and see the city lights together from up there.
-Visit Canada's Maritimes
-Learn to paint a picture of an old barn and have it look realistic.
-Improve my Spanish-be completely fluent.
-Sing back up once.

Life lists make me think of my Gramps. His list included seeing Scotland. By the time he was able to go, they wouldn't rent him a car (They have an age limit on car rentals apparently-seniors can't rent cars.) so he never went. I think he was waiting for me to be old enough to drive but by the time I was, he wasn't in good enough health to go. I have always wondered if he regretted missing out on that.

So what's on YOUR list?


primdollie said...

Oh wow I too have an ongoing list (not as cool as yours I'm afraid!!) but yes think we all have those to one extent or another!!! I want to have new house built where 1st can run around naked(ok sorry scary visual thought!) but so that I have privacy is the idea!! honest!!!!! and do that I told hubby before too old to enjoy it(no not the naked part!! the new house built!!!!!)! and be able to stay home and not work!, have a huge studio lots of space!! create all day and nite for as long as I can maybe be published? but to be able to do everything I would like to do and then some!! see Australia and to meet all my online buddy's at some point in time and have a fun filled art weekend or week!! travel and be able to see all the fun antique shops as far as I could go!! and to be able to go to some of the art retreats!! all of them!!!! ok well that should do for now !! (That is if you made it past the naked part!!) ok enough of that!! thanks now I need to go update my list!!!!! all that is there are the swaps I have to finish this week!!!! hehehe!!
Hugs Linda

One Crabapple said...

Aaaaa ! SCOTLAND is on MY list !

Thank you for the nudge ! The wake up call !


Sue Berry said...

Well isn't that just typical of Linda - she's such a smutty madam!!! lol I think it's a great idea to write down a list instead of keeping them hidden away inside your head with the dust and spiders. I've only recently realised just how gorgeous giraffes are and I would also love to stroke that lovely long, smooth, silky elegant neck. No, not Linda's, the giraffe's!! :oP Hugs, Sue xxx (aka Fiverdog - MMCA)