Friday, August 04, 2006

A Murder of Crows!

At long last, the 4 & 20 Black Birds collaborative book is finished. Copies are headed home to roost with all the artist who participated. This project was hosted by my good friend Penn and I told her last night I think this is the best book yet-the art is just gorgeous!! Look at how thick this book is! There were 12 artist making 2 crow pages each for a total of 24 (which is the theme) plus one for good luck. Then there were all the little extras that Penn usually does to make it just that much more special.

In deferance to those who haven't received theirs yet, I have posted the pictures of the book on my Flickr so they don't have to look if they don't want to. For those of you who do, you can see the photos by clicking on the Flickr box on the right hand side bar. I have posted the fronts of each page, but let me tell you, the back were just as beautiful and creative!

Thank you to all the artists: Lynn Adams, Barbara Atwell, Angela Cartwright, Carie Helm, Audrey Hernandez, Norma Kooi, Deb Lewis, Kelly Robson, Deb Trotter, Janice Woodland and Penelope Harris (Host) for such an amazing piece of work! Ladies, you have outdone yourselves!


edina said...

I popped over to see the photos - wow, just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Well I had to go and look and it is gorgeous. I can't wait to get the book....thanks for the sneek peek.

Anonymous said...

Gorgous compliation honoring the power and mysteries of the corvidae!:)