Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Oh lordy! I think I am kind of addicted to this digital collage thing. I'm enjoying taking a vintage photo and revamping it so the original backgrounds are gone. It's fiddly and precise, but it's fun. This little girl gets used alot in my Altered Book class. Look at that adorable knitted dress! I am also enjoying doing monocromatic work-it's interesting to explore layering a single colour in different shades to make it work. This is digital collage attempt #2.

The only thing is that it seems a bit weird to make something and then not have a hard copy in my hand when I am done. I really do need to get some decent paper so I can at least print them off as postcards. I was at the office supply store yesterday and totally forgot to get the paper! I guess I should also get a new black ink for my printer too since it's running low again. Where are my art elves when I need them?

Thanks to everyone who either posted a comment or emailed me to say such supportive things about my first efforts at Photoshop. I hope to improve-I have Photoshop for Dummies on order! In the meantime, I will just keep playing!


Lostechild said...

I think you are doing great with Photoshop!!! I had Photoshop years ago and it drove me insane! My hat is off to anyone who can do it! One thing to remember is that if you print off your computer, unless your printer is laser or has ink that doesn't fade, the collages that you print out will fade. Sometimes in days! I hope you have tons of fun with it!

Shari Beaubien said...

Nice job, Lelainia! I, too, really like what you're doing with the monochromatic layering! Which "tool" do you use in Photoshop to get rid of the background?
Hugs, Shari

Deb said...

Tuna! This is wonderful! I think you have missed your calling-meaning- there is NOTHING art-wise that you CAN'T do! This is really, really lovely. You took to this like a cowgirl takes to a horse. Yee Ha!