Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NEW stuff!

Just a really quick update folks. I have been under the weather. I managed to get 3 new journals and 4 blank ATC Book Kits uploaded to the Tattered Edge Mercantile this evening. If you are interested, go have a peek!

In other news. I tried to get the brand new Indigo Girls CD, Despite Our Differences that was out yesterday. Unfortunately, shipments to Canada have been delayed a week (oh the horror!) so I had to be satisfied with buying John Mayer's new one called Continuum. All I can say after listening to it this evening is it's by far his best one yet. It's classified as blues and it's just a great album to sit down and listen to while making art. Very relaxing. I love it! I know it's one I am going to wear out.

Still waiting on my Artfest confirmation package. From what I hear, it's cool! I can't wait!

Okay, that's it for now. My head is killing me so time to go find some tea and advil!


Anonymous said...

hang in there, friend. xo

Erika Tysse said...

Yay! Thanks for the cool music update! Don't know what is happening "out there" as I am stuck in this little remote country in the artic. I will be downloading John Mayer tonight! I owe you one!

Laura said...

The moment I saw Little Miss Sassafras I let out a yelp!! She is so cute!!! I received my shipment of Tattered Edge journals yesterday and they are JUST AMAZING! I bought some for Christmas presents, but how will I be able to part with them???? I love, love, love your work!!! Thank you so very much!!!

Laura said...

The moment I saw Little Miss Sassafras I let out a yelp!!! She is so darling! I love your work so much! Yesterday I received my shipment of journalsfrom Tattered Edge Mercantile and they are stupendous!!!! I bought some of them for Christmas presents, but how will I part with them??? Love your talent! Thanks!!! I am going to post some of them on my blog, is that okay??? Want to show off your work and refer people to you....spread the happiness I say! Let me know if that is not okay!! Love, laura duet