Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Techie Love!

Reason #54829384 why I love my husband:
Yesterday he bought a laptop computer just for me.

Yup, I am now the proud owner of a cool new laptop. This means that if I ever need to be away from home and working at the same time, I can. Last summer when we had our house disaster and had to spend 6 weeks in a hotel, I was so stressed out because our house was such that I couldn't be there-there was toxic dust everywhere and the computer had to be turned off to save the fans from sucking it in and cloging up my whole system. I had all my hardware draped with 2 layers of bedsheets to protect it. In the meantime, I had no computer access and I had mixed media classes I needed to write. My husband remembers me lamenting that if only I had had a laptop, things would have been much easier.

So, now I can be among the pretentious and go to Starbucks and have a chai latte and surf the net while I people watch. Ahh, the possibilities! I am married to the sweetest man ever!

In other news, I nearly had a disaster this morning when I slipped in the shower. Luckily, I was able to avoid smacking my head and knocking myself out, but I do have a lovely bruise and very painful shin to show for it. My non-slip mat SLIPPED! I guess the bottom wasn't suctioned onto the tub or something. You can bet I will be super careful about stepping into the tub next time!

I also got my order from Papier Valise yesterday- a whole bunch of cool orange and black stuff and some purple rhinestones that are simply gorgeous! Had I known they were that pretty, I would have ordered them long ago. I am looking forward to making some journals with my purchases. I am also hoping the crow rubber I ordered in August turns up soon-I would love to add some of those images to the journals.

Still waiting on my Artfest confirmation package. I swear I am going to be the last one to get theirs! Our mail is so slow from the US! Pony express? I think not! LOL!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you weren't more seriously injured from your fall, Lelainia!

Take care,


Unknown said...

Lelainia your husband is more then a sweetie with a gift like this! So happy for you!

I'm praying for your friends daughter. Keep us posted on her progress.


One Crabapple said...

Congratulations on the laptop ! I got me one of those wonderful men too ! (real man...not laptop nickname ! he got me one too is what I meant there !)

so you are going to ARTFEST but no mail yet...! I hear the same from everyone Canadian...You must be going crazy. I was getting a little depressed to hear everyone say YAY ! and then finally I got mine. Especially when my boyfriend got his .... it was fun but ... I wanted mine !

so now I know.
Can't wait to hear about yours.
Must meet up you know.
So do let me know ?
I will bring jelly beans for a trade!

One Clutz Shower Faller to Another.

Nice Bruise.