Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Preparing for Artfest

So in the confirmation package that Teesha sent each person signed up for Artfest, was a small coil book, along with several post cards featuring her art. The whole thing was packaged in the clear cello bag, with some really colourful comic book stamps. When I opened it up and saw what was in it, I instantly thought that if I pulled the coil out and added some extra pages and odds and ends I like to it, I could alter it into a workable journal to use for Artfest. I made the cover from two of the postcards and added letterbeads to spell out my name on the coil. I also found two shades of funky green ribbon that matched the green of the cover perfectly. I added a special elastic to the back cover that wraps around the entire book to help keep it together for when it gets full.

The original cover was this page that said "Artfest 2007" which I used as a sectional divider for all the info regarding the retreat. I added a library pocket to the inside of the front cover to hold odds and ends. I also put one inside the back cover so I can store my recipts to show at the border when I go home.

I put the original back cover inside the cello bag the whole thing came in and carefully punched it so I could include it in my journal. The comic book stamps were just too cute not to keep! (I punched extra holes just to add some interest.)

I added metal tabs to each of the postcard sectional dividers so I can have a place to record different things and still be able to find everything. In my class section, I have included my supply lists and grid paper so I have a place to sketch ideas while in class. I found this very helpful last time I went.

My journal from this year's Artfest and Artfibrefest are jam packed with momentos and notes and addresses and art made by friends and they have become treasured keepsakes of my trips. I can't wait to have friends add stuff to this one! I showed this to Teesha and she emailed back saying I should share my 2007 journal with you, so here it is!


Anonymous said...

this is so awesome, i am doing one also and will post!! cannot wait to meet you!!
take care~

Paulette Insall ~ Reflecting Colors of the Soul said...

Oh Lelainia it looks so fantastic!!!! WOW!!! What a wonderful idea!!! Think I may have to give that a try with mine.

Looks like we have similar tastes 'cause the postcard you picked for your cover is the one I would have picked too. It's my favorite out of the ones Teesha sent. :)


Ellen Lyn said...

Very did a fabulous job! I have to get to work on mine soon... Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea - and it looks lovely! Hope to meet you at Artfest!

deb said...

Great minds... I had plans to do add to the mini journal myself! I love your idea of incorporating the envelope. So creative, L. It looks absolutely fab! I think you just started a trend!

Holly Loves Art said...

Absolutely wonderful! Love everything about - now you've inspired me! I've been thinking about creating an artfest journal and so far just have a bunch of ideas jotted down. Thank you for sharing!

One Crabapple said...

This is an awesome idea !

well you knoww I am gonna do it too !

Great idea , thank you for the inspiration !!

Xo- S.

liz said...

this is SO lovely!! what a great way to save memories of your trip!!
liz xx

Shari Beaubien said...

My goodness, you've been busy, Lelainia!! This little journal is such a creative idea... and so utilitarian as well! It's wonderful. Hugs, Shari

Ruth Rae said...

what a fun idea!

Maija said...

Fabulous idea!
I'll give it a try...thank you!

celeste said...

*clapping hands* *wonderful*
i too have on my *a*little*too*long*list morfing the package into a truly mine keepsake.
anyone know of a countdown clock (to Artfest) for blogs?

Heather said...

Ooh what a fun idea! Great work!!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely the coolest looking journal and I am PEA GREEN with envy! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to kit an art retreat such as this some day! Hope you have a great time. You'll have to post all sorts of great pics afterwards so the rest of us can live vicariously thru you *grin*

Lisa said...

this is so wonderful! I love your resourceful creativity! Thank you for sharing this. I sooo wish I was going to ArtFest... maybe someday!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea! I covet that little journal! Maybe I will have to get my act together and figure out a way to get to Artfest next year just so I can get my hands on one of those too.