Friday, July 27, 2007

At This Moment in Time

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Today's offering is another list ala Liz Elayne. It's fun doing these-it's like a little snapshot in time.

Reading: Just starting Stephen King's Lisey's Story. It's 515 pages, so it won't take me very long. I am going to try and save some of it for when I am in the wilds. (Since my back is still bad and I seriously doubt I will be doing anything more than reading and playing cards or scrabble.) I am still looking locally for a copy of In This House. I am dying to see it!

Watching: Tonight's entertainment will be The Complete Denis Leary. It's all his stand up routines. Yes folks, as much as it may surprise some of you, I am a fan-I ADORE Rescue Me. Denis is just plain wicked in that show and it's so well written. The cast is amazing.

Listening: Taylor Hicks. Have I mentioned lately how great iTunes is? I love being able to just shop for music from home and have it instantly!

Drinking: Crystal Light orange & grapefruit mix that you put into bottle water and shake. Not bad, though my favourite is Nestea's ice tea one.

Anticipating: Having a good visit with family next weekend and catching up with a close friend. (She's joining us.) Maybe I will be able to take some good artsy photos! The local wildlife includes rattle snakes and grizzlies. (Gotta love BC!) A shot of a bear (at a safe distance) would be cool, but I will pass on the snakes, thank you very much! Also, the Artfest class list will be up next week and I can't wait to see what the offerings are for 2008!

Dreaming: About all the new opportunities just around the corner. I was especially enthused and energized by last night's class. A wonderful bunch of folks came out to learn about the technical side of collage work and they reminded me why I love teaching. They asked great questions and the discussions were really interesting. We also laughed alot, which is always important in my classes-art and learning should be joyful experiences.

Doing: Not much over the next little while. I need to heal my back, which means taking it easy. I will be working on classes for the fall though and at least I can do word processing from the couch, thanks to my laptop!

Creating: Samples for my classes and new work for the exhibit I will be doing in the new year. That's going to keep me busy!

Art Supplies I am diggin' right now: 3M Post-it Sortable Cards. These are new in Canada and I picked them up to use in my class kits last night. They are great for jotting notes and have just the right amount of stick to them. (Perfect for my ever present to-do lists!) The best thing is you get 80 in a package for about $1.59 CDN. I bought a whole raft of them.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to have found a fellow "Rescue Me" fan. I absolutely LOVE this show and Denis Leary is a genius. We wait and get the whole season at once and then watch it all in about 3 days! It's pure heaven! Yummy!