Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Can You Dig It?

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Well, it's finally gotten hot enough that I am hibernating, with the fans on all day. I am not now, nor ever will been a hot weather girl. Bring on Autumn I say!! I actually dreamt last night that I was walking ankle deep in fallen leaves and enjoying the crunch beneath my feet. Wishful thinking!

Part of yesterday was spent creating this "Laugh" Tattered Banner that was a commission. (Not the best photograph, but you get the idea.) I managed to complete it and it will go off in the mail this morning. I plan to do some more work on the "secret project" today. It's due to be mailed by the end of the month and I am determined to be finished before then because I will be busy prepping for a family camping trip.

This morning I was thinking of things I am digging right now and thought I would share my list:

-Vintage aqua blue and chocolate brown fabrics
-aqua rick rack trim
-rayon ribbon (can't get enough of this stuff!)
-stickers made from my art
-striped baker's twine
-old mother of pearl buttons
-small glass bottles
-old lace to dye
-Ikea's barn red organizers
-random collage bits (text, old ledger paper, etc.)
-my little label maker machine
-the zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine
-polished toes
-wearing sandals
-singer/songwriter Laurie McKenna's music
-my new shades (my old pair self-destructed)

What's on your list?


larin said...

My list would include 80 degree temps, but not leaves yet.

It would also include a completed curriculum for fall (hence the no leaves yet!).

Tuskineko inks that I just bought and haven't played with yet.

A clean play place (not enough time yet, though).


Old sheet music

Lace in wax

Tiny pieces of many fabrics layered

Jeeves and Wooster and Sharpe's Adventures

My hubby

mormar said...

Oh, there are many things on your list that I is my list

Old buttons
anything rusty
old lace ribbon
organza ribbon
all kinds of ribbon
little glass bottles that I find stuck in the ground on a "junk" hunt
My Garden
Sitting outside in the evening