Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back From The Wilds!

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Home again! We were away at a family gathering in Naramata, BC for a few days. The photos above of the million dollar view we had were shot by my son, looking down on the lake. My oldest brother-in-law lives on and looks after a 500 acre piece of mountain property and everyone got together there for a weekend of camping.

I think my son had the best time-he got to drive (for the first time) and ATV and a Mule (a small motorized cart type of vehicle) all around the local trails and he water skied (also for the first time) and boogie boarded with his cousin and one of his uncles.

We divided up the cooking responsibilities and my family was in charge of breakfasts. I made blueberry pancakes, my husband made the eggs, my pal Allison did the bacon and my son took care of the toast. Everything disappeared so I guess it was good! As is always the case with family gatherings, we had more food than anyone needed, but it was fun.

Luckily, we didn't run into any rattle snakes, but I have never seen so many wasps! It was nothing short of a miracle my son and I weren't stung-we're both allergic and it would not have been fun! One of my sisters-in-law bought these tennis racket contraptions that zaps insects. Everyone was zapping the wasps like crazy at meal time. The minute any meat was out, the wasps went crazy!

It was nice to get away for a few days and I didn't think about art once! Well okay, only once when I found some cool feathers and picked them up, thinking I would take them home to use. I am glad to be home now and sleeping in my own bed-my back is still a major issue. I will be spending the rest of the week catching things up and "patiently" waiting by the mail box for my copy of Pasticcio to arrive! From what I have heard so far, it's pretty amazing!!

I hope everyone else had a good long weekend.

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