Monday, August 20, 2007

Gifts from the Universe

So yesterday when I got home from the ATC swap, that old suitcase and camera that I mentioned were waiting for me. My neighbours left them for me for FREE! The suitcase is an old Samsonite and inside has a partition. It is in very good condition.

This is the old Brownie camera. (Apologies for it being blurry. I think Ive got something wonky in the settings and I need to find the instruction manual.) I love the old advertising on the box. Likely this will end up a part of an assemblage someday.

Okay now the part I know you were waiting for: the fun for $20 from Daiso. Going clockwise, starting on the far left:

-Two rolls of paper that looks like lace. I thought this would be cool to lay down as a foundation layer in a collage and paint over.

-Two boxes of plastic fish bottles. I saw these and thought they were interesting. No idea what I will put in them, but I liked them.

-A plastic box to hold ATCs.

-Two little pill boxes that will hold brads or beads or something. The lids snap down tight and they work well because they are so small.

-A set of blue vinyl letters and numbers, another set of little plastic bottle containers. (I just liked how small they were.)

-And last but not least, a package of gingham print mini cupcake liners that I thought would be nice for wrapping small things in.

The ATC swap yesterday had a great turn out. Something funny happened. This lady I met there last month, Susan arrived with her sister and niece in tow. They sat down at the far end of the table and when the trading was over and people were just visiting, her sister came, sat down beside me and asked if I was Lelainia. I said yes and then she told me her name was Sonja and she thought we had gone to school together. We had! This was so funny because I NEVER run into people I went to school with. I told her I remembered her and why and we had a good laugh and then did some catching up. That was a very nice gift from the universe and Sonja if you are reading this, it was wonderful running into you like that!


Lauri said...

That camera is too cool!!! And what nice neighbors!

I love your ATC's, and the story of running into an old schoolmate. That is a nice gift from the universe.

*Just so you know...I did not forget about the doll quilt!!! But, because of Hurricane Dean, I'm having some 'Emergency Company' this friend Gayla's boys!!! Their dad is in Chicago and wanted them out of Houston "just in case" (this was before it started turning toward Mexico) so he sent them to me! I am overjoyed and having so much fun with them. Anyway, they leave next Sunday, then my kids start back to school on Monday. Then maybe I will actually be able to make a doll quilt in 2 hours! lol! (I have all the stuff and I know what I'm going to do, so first thing Monday morning all I have to do is start cutting!)

*OK, should have just sent you an!

liz said...

how cool to meet an old school mate like that!! i ALWAYS wonder when i come over whether i will run into someone from my childhood--never do tho'!!
LOVE the daiso buys--especially the cupcake holders and the numbers!! we will have to go there next time i'm over!!
sending much love to you sweetie!
liz xx