Monday, September 17, 2007

September Morn

Hi Everyone! *Waves* Hope this finds you all well. My life is crazy busy now with lots of changes afoot. If my posts in the next little while become a bit sporadic, that's why. I will post as often as I can, but just in case, know I haven't abandoned you-I'm just taking care of business.

Sometimes it's challenging juggling all the hats I wear. My friend Pilar asked me the other day how I do it and the answer is "I don't really know." It's the god's honest truth. I guess on some level it has to do with being an Aries and being able to organize and delegate effectively, along with having an undeniable drive to accomplish things, but beyond that, who knows?! I just get up every morning and do what I do without giving much thought as to how. It also helps to love what I do.

I am currently camped out by my post box anxiously awaiting several goodies to arrive, the least of which is my Artfest confirmation! They have pretty much all gone postal so mine should be arriving sometime this week. I am dying to find out which classes I got and to see what's special about this year's confirmation package.

I am also waiting for that amazing bee necklace I purchased from Jane Wynn to arrive. You can bet there will be much squeeing when it does turn up! I can't wait to hold it in my hands and try it on. There are a few other goodies on their way so it should be a very magical mailbox over the next 10 days or so. I can't wait! I love getting mail.

In other news, fall is upon us. The weather has been glorious-some days sunny with clear blue skies, though cooler and others, definitely cool and crisp. The leaves are beginning to turn and the days are getting shorter. I love the wind at this time of year and my squirrel buddy is busy running hither and yon collecting food for the winter. It's almost time to dig out my sweaters. This is far and away my favourite time of year. My spirit always feels joyous during Autumn. I hope yours does too!

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liz said...

hope all your treasures arrive soon--what fun waiting for surprises like that!! LOVE the stamp at the top of your post too! hope you are doing okay--drop me a line when you have time!
love ya!
liz xx