Saturday, September 01, 2007

Small Wonders

Copyright Tattered Edge 2007
These are a few of the Moo originals I have been making for a swap. It's been fun creating collages this small. I had a few more made, but they had an unfortunate accident and had to be relegated to the garbage can, regrettably. I am planning to make more and I am going to scan them at 300 dpi so I make some real printed Moo cards from them as well.

I wanted to show you this piece of gorgeous jewellery made by the amazingly talented Jane Wynn. I bought this two years ago at Artfest because I had been watching Jane's progress on it on her blog prior to Artfest. The patinas she achieves are simply beautiful. I chose this one for its colour. Every time I wear it, it gets alot of compliments. I even had a girl at Starbucks ask if she could see it in her hand so she could admire the detail!

At first I was a little taken aback at the word "saviour", but when I checked it in the dictionary for alternate definitions to the obvious religious one, it said "a person who rescues you from harm or danger". This was kind of interesting, given that the image is of a young girl. I decided that perhaps she didn't know her destiny was to rescue someone from harm or danger and how she might do that, whether in a physical or emotional capacity is anyone's guess. This piece remind me that we are all born to greatness and have a destiny to fulfil. One thing I love about art is that it makes you think.

In any case, I am taking the long and winding road to get to the main point of sharing this piece with you. The reason I posted it is because yesterday Jane posted some new pieces for sale on her blog. Again, I have been following her progress on them and when I saw the Pale Green Bee, (the first one shown) I simply had to have it. I am giddy with delight to say that this little piece of artistic wonder will soon find its way into my hands. I cannot wait to see it in person!

I love wearing handmade jewellery. It is always wonderfully unique, but also it means alot to know the pieces I own come from the heart and hands of a fellow artist. It makes the wearing and sharing of it that much more meaningful. I would rather have a handmade piece then store bought any day! Jane, thank you for creating pieces that speak to my heart. I treasure them more than you will ever know.

For those of you who didn't know, Jane has a new book coming out in mid-September called "Altered Curiosities" and you must check it out. You can either order it from Amazon OR pre-order on the sidebar of Jane's blog to receive a signed copy of her book, along with a delightful bookplate on the inside cover and a signed giclee of an illustration she has created especially for this project, called: "The Surreptitious Cicada".


Kristen Robinson said...

I love your Moo cards they are so perfectly YOU! I cannot wait for Jane's book. Truly a lovely piece of artwork you own my friend.


Judy said...

I saw that bee piece too and the others, thought they were very nice so i am glad you got what you love. Fortunately I am booked into a class with Jane next year in Australia.

Amy Huff said...

I have some earrings from Jane and wear them all the time. These pieces are terrific and I can't wait for her book! It's lovely to find another fan. :)

Tejae: Heart Shaped Art said...

Jane's piece is very lovely. I too have one of her necklaces. I love all the details. Her bug series was amazing. Please post a picture when you get it.