Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Charming Book

Hi Everyone! Keeping on the topic of books this week, the most recent book my art will be appearing in is A Charming Exchange, due out August 2008 and it's just become available for pre-order on Amazon.

What's the book about? Well the description from Amazon sums it up nicely. It reads:

"Readers will be introduced to techniques and inspiration for creating mixed-media charms and other jewelry items from a selection of twenty-five talented contributing artists. Together, these artists have collaborated to create a stunning charm bracelet that demonstrates techniques such as working with wire, beads, solder, fabric, found objects and more which can be applied to other crafts. In addition to reading about each individual artist's inspiration and creative thought process, readers will learn how to organize art swaps or collaborations of their own."

I can tell you I had the best time creating pieces for this book. There were some very interesting themes and the finished pieces I have seen so far are gorgeous. If you love unique, mixed media jewellery, then this book's for you. It's going to be a keeper!

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