Tuesday, October 16, 2007

¿Que pasa?

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This week's snapshot:

Reading: I just got an email from my library that the book I requested they buy, (see my post about asking the library to buy books here) Jane Wynn's Altered Curiosities is in. I am picking it up this afternoon!!

Watching: Need you ask? It's Tuesday so it's Tommy night at our house-Rescue Me is on! Gotta love a flawed hero.

Listening: James Morrison's Undiscovered, sent to me by Liz who is my music soul mate. One of us will hear someone new and think the other would like it and then music shows up in the mail. It's funny too because we're always bang on. I just love that!

Drinking: Nestea's ice tea mix that you put into bottle water and shake.

Anticipating: Friday's workshop at the Art2Go 2007 conference. I am almost ready, which is nothing short of a miracle if you could see the condition of my workspace right now!

Dreaming: About my new studio to be and all the things I want to do to make it comfortable and functional. Never has so much thought gone into one room!

Doing: Trying to cope with the organized chaos that is our home at the moment. I can't wait for phase 2 of our move to be over. (Have I said that before?!?)
I am also working on a *secret* project with friends and if it works out how I hope it will, I will have something exciting to share with you at a later date! *fingers crossed*

Creating: I am working towards several deadlines, including making my gifts for the 12 Days of Xmas exchange I am hosting again this year. You'll want to bookmark the blog to see all the magic unfold! Teaser photos of our gifts are coming soon!

Art Supplies I am diggin' right now: Basic Grey's new line of Recess papers. I especially love Equation, Principal and Test Sheet. I am a paper junkie. It really is an addiction!

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Anonymous said...

I think you'll like Jane's book! It's full of techniques which I never thought of and I love her work so much!