Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's Happening

Hey everyone, it's that time of year again! We have kicked off the parade of wrapped presents over at the 12 Days of Xmas blog! I have posted the very first gift and there will be 25 more where that came from!

This exchange is one of my favourite to host. All of the ladies are from my circle of friends and they work so hard to make such personal and meaningful gifts for one another. The laughter and camaraderie leading up to and during the 12 days is just wonderful. It reminds me what a loving and supportive community I belong to. Someone in our exchange last year said that she was so excited about making and sending her gifts and full of anticipation for when everyone opened them that she had totally forgotten that she would also be receiving 12 gifts until they started arriving one by one in her mailbox. That about says it all right there-these incredible women get what it means to give from the heart, which is what makes this exchange so special.

So, if you would like to follow along with us and watch the magic unfold, please visit the 12 Days of Xmas blog. You can bookmark it or there is a link on the sidebar to the left.

In other news, I am busy writing proposals for a variety of workshops for the new year and into the spring. Yes, the lead time really is that long! I am also working on a proposal for an article and yesterday I took a box of my art down to Place des Arts for a display. I will take pictures when it's up and share them with you. Alot of exciting things are happening right now. It's funny how everything always seems to happen all at once!

Yesterday was an absolutely glorious fall day-warm and sunny and clear blue skies. I am hopeful that Saturday might be the same as my husband and I will be celebrating our 17th anniversary and I desperately want to spend part of it enjoying Stanley Park. I haven't had a chance to go there this month with all this moving nonsense going on and I really just want to walk in the deep pile of leaves, gaze up at the trees, smell the ocean and hear the waves lapping. *bliss* There's just something about being in the park, drinking in the natural beauty that clears my head and puts my soul at ease. Really, that is my perfect day in a nutshell.

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