Monday, December 17, 2007

Once a Quilter..

Yesterday, I went out to Maple Ridge to visit with old friends who meet at Quiltopia. It was really great seeing them-it's been about 2 or so years since I saw them last. (Life gets busy and next thing you know, 2 years has passed.) I was sitting quietly sewing trim onto a half apron I made when some of them came in and so it took a couple of them several minutes to notice me. It was pretty funny! The best part was all the hugs and catching up.

I bought this pattern for the button bag. I'd seen it all done up the last time I was in, but they were out of patterns so when I saw they had them, I snatched one up. Suddenly I am struck with the urge to sew bags for myself. Lori, who is a beautiful quilter (she makes beautiful quilts and is beautiful herself) had the most delightful little zippered bag with handles which gave me a serious case of bag envy. I MUST make myself some!

The pattern called for a packet of charm squares, so I picked this set. The colours are off in this pic though-that's not terra cotta you are seeing-it's actually a deep persimmon. The blues are that grey blue with a hint of aqua in them and the greens are sage or basil shades. Not my usual, but I thought I would give it a go. (My favourite colour pallet is actually folk-art Americana. I am not a floral, frou-frou kind of girl, but I'll try anything once.) I am hoping to lean this more towards the vintage look, than the frilly, if I can.

So today, after I tidy up the studio, I will be hauling out my sewing machine and putting the pedal to the metal and whipping these babies up! I also want to look online for the pattern for the bag Lori had-I need to have it!

Okay, off to tidy so I can get crackin'!

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Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you! What darling patterns! I hope you post a picture of the finished product!