Saturday, January 26, 2008

Studio Update

All the handouts for my trunk show, which come in the form of a zine are completed, despite the fact that my trip to the printer's today was a comedy of errors. First the copy machine I wanted to use took an eternity to warm up. I stood there patiently waiting for 5 minutes and then gave up and switched to another machine. Then right off the top, the machine jammed in 3 different places! After that, I went to do some colour copying and the machine that reads the cards you pay with wasn't even plugged in so I had to do more fooling around. In the end, I finally got everything printed and got out of there. WHEW!

But not before I bought myself this! What is it? It's the big kahuna of all staplers! It allows you to staple in the center of booklets because it's 12 inches deep. The red piece is the paper stop so you just set it to where you need to and start stapling. It wasn't cheap, but it's very useful and I know it will come in handy. I bought some metallic coloured staples for it. *geek* Yes, I have an weird little addiction-every time I go into an office supply store, I see things that I think are cool and before you know it, I've bought a bag full of stuff to play with. I love labels and am partial to gizmos and gadgets. I come by it honestly though-my Gramps was like that about kitchen gadgets. He could not walk past a Ming Wo without going in and seeing what new fandangled thing he could buy. I'm my Gramps' girl that way.

It's sneauxing out. (We are not allowed to use the "S" word in this house.) We're getting hit with a storm they'd promised. It's supposed to last up to 4 days. Great. Just what we need. It's a good thing it's the weekend and no one needs to be on the roads for work. Sneaux and hills don't mix. Any time now, I am sure the show is going to begin on my street. Last time it sneauxed, people were bailing off the hill onto our street and narrowly missing parked cars. We were kept busy watching out the window, prepared to call 911 with an accident report. We live just a few blocks from a fire station and we could hear the fire trucks going out on calls constantly all night long. I am sure we are in for more of the same over the next 24 hours. Seems like a good excuse to just batten down the hatches and stay busy in the studio if you ask me!

Hopefully the weather will improve by Monday so I can get to the TV studio safely and on time! Good thing I have my sneaux tires on!

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Cindy Is Crafty said...

Do you sell the zine in your etsy shop or is it for the class only?