Sunday, March 02, 2008

For the Love of Books

Saturday, I went into Chapters looking for travel Scrabble (I am a Scrabble nut-it's my favourite game) and I came across this book. The title sounded interesting so I had a quick thumb through it. Today I decided I really did need to have it, so I drove all the way across town again to pick it up.

It's all about using art as an outlet for some of the hard stuff in life through journaling. It covers everything from emotional to physical healing and even has work sheets to help you along at the end of the chapters. In addition to numerous photos of the journals, there is the story behind each artist's personal struggle, which I found really interesting.

I thought this was a really unique book and I am glad I bought it. I will be reading it over again with a package of post-it notes. It was not only thoughtful, but also insightful about how art can help give expression for some of those things which are too deep for words.

This book, I requested that my library buy. It arrived last week and I was so taken with the art and instruction in it, that when I happened to spot it on the shelf next to the other book I just bought, I had to have it as well.

One of my goals this year is to expand my knowledge to include more painterly techniques. This book has great ideas and instruction for doing just that. Corey's work includes modern photos taken of her family and it's really great to see how to seamlessly blend these into the style of art I love.

I am really inspired by both these books and the ideas they are sparking. If you are stuck in an creative rut or just looking to build on your artistic skills, I highly recommend taking a trip to your local books store (or library) and checking out what's in the paper arts section. There are a great selection of new mixed media books on the shelves right now, with publishing houses like Quarry, C&T , Lark and Northlight constantly releasing new titles. It's a varitable feast for the creative soul!


Karan Simoni said...

I saw your post on the Artfest Yaoo group and came to check out your blog. I love your work, and hope we actually meet up at some point at Artfest.

Artful Hugs
Karan Simoni

Anonymous said...

So funny - i just bought these same two books and LOVE them

Heather Chevreau

Jane said...

I bought the Corey Moortgat book recently too, and loved it -- very worthwhile mixed media book! You're right, there are so many great new ones out these days, and of course I am buying every single one -- had to move some things around to make more room on my bookshelves! Have fun at ArtFest. The girls who get your swaps will be thrilled!