Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Milestones & Artfest

I'm back! Whew! What a good time I had! First of all, before I get into all the Artfest news, I want to make special note of the fact that this entry marks my 900th post! Can you believe that?!? When I began this blog on August 1, 2004, long before blogging became as mainstream to the mixed media community as it is now, I had no idea it would still be going strong. All I knew was that I wanted a place to talk about art and to share my journey. So, for all of you dear readers out there, whether you are commentors or lurkers, thank you for looking in on me over the last 900 posts!

Okay so on to sharing about Artfest. First of all, the piece pictured above, "Where I Live" was created for the Artfest Gallery. It was a forest theme this year so I made this using natural materials, inspired by Sarah Lugg.

I also hosted a exchange again this year with my house mates, so I am going to begin by sharing the beautiful trades they made for it.

This is a wonderful bracelet made especially for me by Kristen Robinson, my roomie. She said she made me the very last in her house series as a thank you for pulling our house together. I love the weight of it and she used garnet stones, since red is my favourite colour. It's destined to become a favourite piece of jewellery.

Jonna Barnett made each of us a house from wood and hand painted them in our favourite colours adding our house number, 6E to each one.

On the reverse of each one, is a bird and I was thrilled when I flipped mine over and saw this magnificent crow! It's found a home on the house shelf in my studio.

Penelope Harris, my art partner in crime made this delightful book about home. Each page is so special and incredibly detailed, as only Penn can do!
The book fans open in a circle when you stand it up so you can get a peek at all the pages. Very clever!

Tara Finlay made this mixed cd with tracks she listens to while creating in her studio. I love the label. She used one of her signature bag heads on it and I love the way the ink printed on it. I am looking forward to listening to it.

Sharon Dibble made us these house pendants. I loved the explanation of all the symbols she used. She said the etched house represents our house at Artfest. The face bead is for all the new faces she got to meet in our house. The hand is for our creativity and the key is opening new doors, new experiences through Artfest. The pendant was strung on cable wire. Very cool!

Tina Abbott who is a gifted photographer created these wall hangings from old photos and mica and a wonderful poem. I can't wait to find a special spot to hang in in my studio. Gorgeous and it's *so* Tina!

I had such a good time with the ladies in our house. We spent some real quality time together, forging new bonds or strengthening old ones. I really appreciated the warmth and laughter that was such a part of our time together and it reminds me why I go to Artfest-not only to learn new things, but also to connect with a community of people who share my love of art. It's wonderful to be celebrated for who you are and what you bring to the world. Nothing feels better!

This week, I am madly preparing for the Studio Tour which is this weekend so I will be posting about Artfest as time permits. I have lots to share and once I get all the photos off my camera, I will have plenty to show you. Stay tuned!


kelly rae said...

it was so good to see you, even if briefly. you are a wise, bright light and i'm so glad i caught you even if just for a minute!

Anonymous said...

These are great tags...very unique!

Cookie Sunshine

Anonymous said...

Love the tags, and loved getting to look at all the goodies. Too bad all these art deals happen during the school year - ugh! But, I do get to go to Art and Soul in VA next month!

MB Shaw said...

Loved catching up with you in person :-)
And great treats from your housemates.

Sandi said...

Congrats on your 900th post!! Glad you had a good time at Art Fest. Good luck with the Studio Tour!!!

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say i sure loved your delightful trade! i didn't see any info. on it so I wasn't sure who made it until I saw it on your post.

your house sure looks like fun with all your "special" trades!