Thursday, May 01, 2008


This morning, the magical mail box held my birthday gift from Deb & Deryn. When I opened the package and held Deryn's beautiful work in my own two hands, it took my breath away.

This piece of peerless artistry was created especially for me and I feel so incredibly blessed to have friends who wanted so much for me to have something like this. If you would like to see images far better than mine and learn about some of the symbology of it, please read Deryn's posting about it here.

I wore it today and it made me feel so loved and protected and special. I can't thank Deb and Deryn enough for this incredible gift and I want them to know I am deeply grateful and will treasure it always. *happy tears* I will wear it often and think of you two each time I do.

Namaste my friends, namaste. xo


Deb said...

Oh, I'm so glad you like it, my friend. Deryn did a beautiful job, but of course that is no surprise. What is so amazing is how wonderfully it suits you - how each and everything means something special in your life.
Happy Late Birthday, kiddo. You deserve the world!

Anonymous said...

Oh...your so welcome! Deb's right, it's SO you! This is a nice photo of it too. Enjoy!

firstborn studio said...

happy birthday,lelainia(who knew?you kept this a secret;)

this piece is absolutely mesmerizing and you are so deserving!