Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Xmas!

We finally got our tree up on Wednesday night. My son and his girlfriend did the decorating, while I ate a late dinner and watched.
This is a bottle brush tree star that my pal Deb gave me a couple years ago. I just love it!

I not exactly sure where this vintage deer came from, but I suspect it's been in the family for some time.

Our tree is made up of two kinds of ornaments: handmade and those given to us by family and friends. I don't have anything else on there-no glass balls or that sort of thing and I like it that way.

My friend Liz sent me this one two years ago from England. She just happened across it and it's the name of the exchange I host every year, so it's perfect! She's so thoughtful!

Of course what would my tree be without some mixed media ornies? This one is made from tin. It was fun watching my son's girlfriend's reaction as she found each of our ornaments and hung them. Each one has its own story.

Here's one I made ages ago. I found the pattern in a Better Homes & Gardens quilting magazine. There are four different wool felt sneauxmen and I made a bunch to give away. I kept a couple for myself.

This one was a gift from Tricia. She is so darn talented! She makes the coolest ornies every year and sells them at her co-op gallery.

An altered cabinet card ornie from Deryn. She gave this to me when we first became friends. I love that my tree is a celebration of the people I hold dear.

A ceramic piece from my childhood. The velvet is wearing off poor old Santa! It's used to hold candy canes, but I don't have any yet.

A friend made this wool felt mitten. I love mittens and sock ornies. This is a rather large mitten, though you can't tell by the photo. It could be used as a stocking.

This is a wool penny rug I made. I it was fairly quick and easy and I enjoyed doing it.

And here is my tree, all lit and pretty! Indy keeps going over and nudging his presents with his nose. (I guess they smell good!) So far he's been good about not touching anything-he just likes to sniff everything. He should have been a sniffer dog at the airport!

Good dogs get pressies from Santa. Last year we let him open his own presents and he had a good time tearing the paper off. So far he's got three with his name on them. (Yes, he's spoiled!)

I showed you mine, now show me yours!


Karenann Young said...

No tree for us this year. Too much trouble. DH doesn't care and I'm not in the mood. Your tree looks so pretty!!! I love all the different kinds of ornaments! Maybe next year for us.

Pilar said...

Thank you for sharing your history and your stories for this special holiday. I think one of the joyous elements of the holiday is to be able to get those special decorations, recipes, etc.... out and reflect on the happiness and joy of love past and present. xoxoxoxo

Tina said...

What a lovely post! I enjoyed reading about the stories of your decorations. I'm crazy for that star and will be keeping my eyes out for something like it. My tree hasn't had a topper for awhile as the star I have is just too small.