Friday, January 08, 2010

Remains of the Day in Progress

As I've mentioned, I am taking on online journal making class with Mary Ann Moss. Yesterday, I decided to take all the pages I made, nest them into 3 signatures and tuck them into the cover I created to see how they fit.

It made a very satisfying little handful. I am quite pleased with the size of this journal which is 4 1/2 wide x 6 inches tall. I like mine generally to be smallish and easy to tuck into a bag or purse. After all, what good is a journal if you can't take it everywhere you go?

It's just YUMMY! As per Mary Ann, I've left all the threads from sewing things together, unclipped. Messy and delightful!

Here is a small sampling of the pages I've worked on so far. This is just the very beginning stages of the sewing. Like I said, I wanted to see how they fit, but they need alot more work!

And old foreign letter, written in sepia ink and a car, clipped from a calendar.

A jam label sent to me by my pal Liz in England and the receipt from our New Year's Eve take-out. I thought it was so cool to have my name printed on it, along with the Chinese words. Getting personalized stuff with a name like mine is impossible, so I save anything!

Accounting paper and someone's business card. I should have looked to see whose it was, but I forgot and when I did remember, it was already sewn down. Oh well! I liked it because it's quirky and reminds me of Vancouver-we get a fair amount of rain here.

A piece of a map of France and an vintage electric company receipt.

A half page from an old interest calculations book and a photo of an art club from a gazette type paper.

Half a small paper gift bag from Ikea, a fragment of handwritten text in sepia in a foreign language and a transparency I never knew what to do with.

The front of a security envelope someone sent me some art in (they stamped the window), and a strip cut from a calendar.

As you can see, this process uses all kinds of ephemera and most of it is stuff I've been hoarding for ages. Finally, a place to use it all! It's funny-everyone in the class has been saying that. We've all been saving this kind of stuff for the perfect project and it has arrived!

I did some ephemera trading with some of the ladies in the group and so I think I am going to set my pages aside for a bit till their packets catch up with me. It will be fun to have some new fodder and I want to use some of it to enhance my pages even further. (More is more!)

While I wait for Canada Post to do its thing, I am going to work on some prayer flags for an exchange. It's the last project I am doing before the Olympics start. I'm going to begin that one today. I stayed up late last night coming up with a plan so I know what I am doing and it should go relatively quickly.

It's certainly been a productive start to the new year!


Pilar said...

Thank you for sharing your progress and your new journal. I think this is a grand size. Perhaps, you will make one for your upcoming Olympic journey???? Can't wait to see more pages. xoxoxoxo

Lisa said...

Your pages are srumpdilieicious (srump-dill-e-icious)! I am not sure what movie that word was in...chitty chitty bang bang, mary poppins...but it is the word that sprang into my head when looking at the pages.

I am sewing my pages in this weekend. I could spend all my time making pages and it seems like some might not have any room to journal.

Tina said...

Your pages are fabulous Lelainia! I'm enjoying stitching on my cover so much I haven't wanted to move on. I think I finally finished it last night though and will be adding the interior today then on to the pages. I've been saving those videos and handouts. A treat to look forward to.

Karenann Young said...

Looks wonderful!!! I can hardly wait until Saturday to join up! I've already started collecting pictures and paper. I even have two bobbins of white and black thread ready to go! I love what you've done!!! I like the smaller also. Not sure the size as yet. I'm still going through stuff to see what I have. I have some scrapbook paper that's pretty neat that I like, now I' looking for the collage stuff. Well, off to watch football!

maz said...

Absolutely gorgeous! We are obviously on the same wavelength! I love the idea of making a slightly smaller one- that is next on my list. I can't wait to start the next one. It's lovely to think that all round the world these wonderful journals are taking shape!