Monday, May 17, 2010

More Weekend Adventures

So getting back to Saturday and all the excitement,I caught the aquabus
after I left the Village to go meet my husband up at Granville Island for lunch. It's always so pleasant to travel that way.
See that grey curve in the center of the photo? Well that's our stadium where all the Olympic ceremonies were held. They've dismantled the inflatable roof and are preparing to replace it with a retractable one. It's so odd not to see the white marshmallow on top. It's also odd that the sky appears grey because it was clear blue skies, sunny and hot-22C on Saturday.

We had a lovely lunch, al fresco while we listened to someone playing bongos. The courtyard area of the market always has a busker or two to entertain you while you eat and watch the world go by on the waterway. This was my dessert-a chocolate mousse cake from my favourite bakery.

Being of soft heart and having great love for Indy, I couldn't very well eat dessert without offering him some too. His favourite is French vanilla gelato. That's two weekends in a row he's had gelato at Granville Island! Yes, he's spoiled, but only because he's such a sweet soul. We had plenty of people wanting to pet him and tell us how handsome he is. One guy who sat next to us studied Indy for a moment and then said "I think that's got to be the most beautiful Lab I've ever seen." *grins* Yes, we think so too!

This isn't the best photo because of the glass, but it's a paper tree I saw. It comes in a kit and you fit it together. I thought it was pretty cool. I didn't have a chance to go in and see who made it or how much it is, but next time I will make a point of checking it out. It's about 2 feet high.

After a bit of shopping, we went down to the dock to catch the aquabus back to the other end of the inlet. Indy's waiting patiently. He LOVES riding on the water. It took a bit for the boat to arrive and he was contemplating a swim while we waited. Labs are water crazy.

This was a bit of a surprise. Indy never jumps up like this anywhere and for some reason he decided he wanted to look out on that side of the boat. The guy petting him was from my hometown of Winnipeg and was out visiting for the weekend. I told him about the Village being open to the public now and he was keen to go check it out.

Here's some of the goodies I brought home. I found this cool roll of birdcage packing tape...

...turquoise Washi tape... themed mini postal tapes...

...this fun roll-a-dex (The one I have is old and tired.)
I use this to back up my email and snail mail addresses.

Here's the fun graphics on the side of the box. These same graphics are on the index cards.

On Sunday we went to the swap meet. I didn't find a thing there. (Actually, that's not true-I did, but the sellers were so unfriendly and unwilling to bargain with people that I decided my money was better spent elsewhere, thank you very much!) Afterwards we went to my fav antique mall and I took one look at these glasses and had to have them!

Aren't they just spectacular? I love that their art deco and aqua. There's a whole room of vintage kitchen stuff, sorted by colour. When you walk into the room, you're greeted by a riot of colour. There's a lemon yellow kitchen, a vintage tomato red kitchen, a Paris pink kitchen, a vintage aqua kitchen and an orange kitchen! I wish I'd taken my camera so I could show you-you can't imagine how pleasing to an artist's eye this whole room is. Next time I go, I will come back with photos, promise! I saw another set of glasses I'd like to have and if there still there the next time I visit, they are mine!

It's been a crazy busy weekend, I got a little too much sun, but I had a good time. My husband asked if I'd like to go visit my other fav antique mall next weekend. Are you kidding me?!?! Of course I would!


Pilar said...

Indie is so darn adorable and his passion/enthusasium for the water is showing his true lab colors. The picture of him jumping onto the ledge of the boat is just precious.

I, too, love printed tape. It is addicting.


Claire said...

I agree, the picture of him looking out the boat window is the best. And those glasses! WOW!

tanders said...

was wondering where you were you didn't post on lj~~:D