Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Product Review: Libre Tea Loose Leaf Tea Glass

Look what showed up in the magic mailbox! I won a free loose leaf tea glass from Libre Tea!

This is their glass 'n poly bottle. The inner wall is glass and the outer wall is poly, which makes it durable and safe.

Look at the pretty medallion on the top of the lid. Everything about this bottle is aesthetically pleasing, which to me is important-if you have to have something useful, it might as well be pretty!

Libre Tea's philosophy says:

" Libre...the state of being from restraint, letting go, bringing one's mind and body to a place of rest. In today's world, to be free is also to know that one has a choice in every moment. Freedom to choose to take a moment to connect with oneself...a moment of peace and reflection.

Libre interconnects our community through the ritual of an engaging tea moment, where the secular is sacred."
I agree-tea is a sacred thing. There is comfort in the ritual of making it and sharing it with those you love. I drink tea the way some people consume coffee. It's a part of my every day.

I brewed myself a bottle of Tazo Earl Grey Tea to enjoy in the studio. I like the way you can brew bagged tea or loose tea in the glass. It has a removable stainless steel filter that keeps you from drinking the actual tea leaves. You can either put the loose tea in the strainer or directly into the glass-either way works! They made a great little video demo.

And here's my inaugural glass of tea, just the way I like it-a bit of sugar and a good dash of milk. MMM! It's very happy-making. Of course now I am going to have to go loose tea shopping-I'd like some chai. I am excited about making iced tea in it too-the glass will not only keep things hot, but cold as well.

I'm thrilled to have this glass. A friend of mine had one, made by another company and I've secretly wanted one of my own ever since. I came across Libre Tea on Facebook and they were giving away a free glass to every 5th person who "liked" their page. Lucky me! You can also follow them on Twitter.

I am not in the habit of promoting anything unless I personally use & love
it and I made this post because I *do* love this product and thought others might be interested in checking it out. I am especially pleased to share it with you because Libre Tea is a Canadian company, from right here in British Columbia! It doesn't get any better than that!

My tea glass is going to get alot of mileage!

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